debian and ubuntu packages

Debian packages

The NIfTI C libraries are available in all current Debian distributions, including Debian etch. No special configuration is needed to install them. Simply select them in the package manager.

At the moment PyNIfTI is part of the Debian testing (lenny) and unstable (sid) distribution.

Latest package information

Ubuntu packages

Since the feisty release (7.04) the NIfTI C libraries are part of Ubuntu's universe repository. To install them, please enable the universe repository in your /etc/apt/sources.list. You can use your favorite package manager to download and install them, just like any other package.

PyNIfTI is available for Ubuntu gutsy inside the universe repository.

Inofficial packages

In some cases more recent binary packages or packages for other releases are provided in an inofficial repository. Please the the list of available packages and the page with information on how to setup your system to use this repository.