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Important notice

PyNIfTI is no longer actively developed. At has been superseded by NiBabel -- a pure-Python package that provides everything that PyNIfTI could do, and a lot more.

The PyNIfTI module was a Python interface to the NIfTI I/O libraries. Using PyNIfTI, one can easily read and write NIfTI and ANALYZE images from within Python. The NiftiImage class provides pythonic access to the full header information and for a maximum of interoperability the image data is made available via NumPy arrays.


Author and License

PyNIfTI is written and maintained by Michael Hanke. The author is grateful to the following people who have contributed to PyNIfTI (in order of appearance):

PyNIfTI is free-software (beer and speech) and covered by the MIT License. This applies to all source code, documentation, examples and snippets inside the source distribution (including this website). Please see the appendix of the manual for the copyright statement and the full text of the license.


Binary packages

Binary packages are available for:

If there are no binary packages for your particular operating system or platform, you need to compile your own. The manual contains instructions to build PyNIfTI in various environments.

Source code

Source code tarballs of PyNIfTI releases are available from the download area. Alternatively, one can also download a tarball of the latest development snapshot (i.e. the current state of the master branch of the PyNIfTI source code repository).

To get access to both the full PyNIfTI history and the latest development code, the PyNIfTI Git repository is publicly available. To view the repository, please point your webbrowser to gitweb:

To clone (aka checkout) the PyNIfTI repository simply do:

git clone git://

After a short while you will have a pynifti directory below your current working directory, that contains the PyNIfTI repository.

More detailed instructions on installation requirements and on how to build PyNIfTI from source are provided in the manual.


If you have problems installing the software or questions about usage, documentation or something else related to PyNIfTI, you can post to the PyNIfTI mailing list.

Mailing [subscription, archive]

It is recommended that all users subscribe to the mailing list. The mailing list is the preferred way to announce changes and additions to the project. The mailing list archive can also be searched using the mailing list archive search located in the sidebar of the PyNIfTI home page.